In various regions of the home a pull switch light is easy. There are some lights that have some switch which yous never located close to where the light is. Here may be a gentle at the best of a staircase and the switch may be in the bottom about the staircase. Installing a pull switch mild is inexpensive plus only take on approximately 20 minutes even for a novice.

Difficulty: Moderately Uncomplicated


Things You'll Need

1 Locate plus turn away the circuit breaker which supplies electricity to the light being replaced.

2 Remove any shade or outer part of the fixture hence the base is exposed plus unscrew the screws which hold the base to the ceiling.

3 Disconnect the wires attached to the old light base. The wires will most likely be attached around screws on the base. Utilize any screwdriver to loosen the screws also remove the wires.

4 Link the wires to the new base by wrapping the black wire around the gold or brass screw. Wrap the whitened wire all over the silver screw. The remaining wire, if here is one, is the ground. Wrap the ground wire around the 3rd screw, typically greenish in color.

6 Mark the ceiling wherever the holes for the new base are by holding the base up to the ceiling and making a mark with a pencil.

7 Exercise holes where the marks are in any electrical drill with a 1/4 inch drill little.

8 Install 1/4 inch anchors inside the holes in pressing it into the holes till they are flush by means of the ceiling. Attach the mild base to the ceiling using the screws that came with the base driven through the holes in the light base also into the anchors. Turn on the circuit breaker.

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