Basic household cleaning products may remove mild to moderate corrosion.

Made away from stainless steel, iPods contain a good resistance to corrosion. Regardless, if you spilled a chemical on it or it was in contact by water for an extended span (these kinds of seeing that if it got wet also you didn't dry it properly), the metal can corrode. If the iPod still functions, you're safer living with the imperfect aesthetics than attempting a dangerous cleaning process. Otherwise, there are several cleaning tricks to attempt to gain it working again.

Trouble: Moderately Easy


Things You'll Need

Single soft material Spray goblet cleaner (love Windex) 1 can about powdered cleaner (like Comet) 1 two-sided cleaning pad (such as Scotch Brite)

1 Make contact with Apple to find out if your iPod remains but under warranty. If it remains, test in Apple to see if it will fix the iPod. Water injury often voids the warranty.

2 Spray numerous goblet cleaner on a soft material also rub the corroded location using moderate stress.

3 Dry the region thoroughly. Test the iPod.

5 Rub the corroded area in the rough side of the pad using light pressure.

6 Dry the area thoroughly. Test the iPod.

Tips & Warnings

If the iPod yet performs regardless of the corrosion, perform not proceed above Step 1. Aesthetic concerns are not valued at the risk of damaging the device further. All cleaning product stronger that those described above hold any far greater probability of more damage. Try some only if you are entirely out of alternative choices.



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