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The movie game "Angry Birds" has become popular sufficient to launch many spin-off game including a free model called "Angry Birds Free." In the game, you launch birds from some slingshot in buy to knock above structures plus defeat enemies. Degree 4-2 from "Angry Birds Free" is one of the most difficult levels in the franchise, and requires precise aim to comprehensive.

Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

1 Shoot your first bird at the stone wall at once inside front of you. You should only worry about knocking the wall down for now.

2 Aim with the center structure. You need to break by way of its wall and land on the floor for your second shot. In the slingshot, pull the bird at once backward and then angle down just some few degrees. This will secure you near to the required angle.

3 Launch the last bird into the 3rd framework. The angle isn't too important this period, as you only need to knock the blocks throughout to hit the last target.

Tips & Warnings

The hardest thing about "Angry Birds" yous getting the angle proper while you launch. The only issue that works for sure is sample and error.

Suggest piece

References. Angry Birds Rio.

Angry Birds Nest; Angry Birds Free 3 Star Walkthrough Degree 4-2

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