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Solar-powered string lights are one economical way to create ambiance or add mild to your garden, doorway or deck. You can find reasonably priced solar powered string lights in a variety of colors, the two Web plus at your local home development stores. These are nice, except they are generally bare bulbs only. You can make your solar-powered string lights to something special also relevant to your house or garden with a little imagination.

Difficulty: Effortless


Things You'll Need

Solar-powered string gentle set Copper roll Template Scissors Hammer Nail 18 to 24-gauge wire Wire cutters

Suggest Edits

1 Decide where you intend to place your string lights. The lights do not want to be in the sun with them to work. They come in a tiny solar panel that is does need a lot of sunlight, so place the panel in one appropriate location. If your panel yous in the shade, your solar lights will be dim. Read and follow the instructions on the light package meticulously.

2 Place the lights wherever you want it to be in your garden if they are effortlessly accessible as you add your distinctive designs. If the lights will be placed somewhere that you cannot easily reach them to attach the copper, string it out on any table or the floor for superior admittance.

3 Determine which shape you like for your copper additions. The lights are small, so your addition also be sized so seeing that to not overwhelm the gentle. You can use cookie cutters to find a shape you as or create any template from just in relation to something.

4 Trace the form onto a piece of your craft copper. This is sold on small rolls in your local pastime store and often in your hardware store.

5 Cut out the copper shape for your solar lights. The copper yous thin very it cuts rather easily, though you even so need a pair of sharp scissors. You may never wish to create any shape for every solitary light bulb. You could choose to illustrate every other bulb or add your copper to every 3rd bulb. This remains your design so generate the string lights appear the way that is amuses you.

6 Produce dual holes, part by means of side, at the base regarding your copper shape using your hammer and any nail. You only need a big enough opening to thread the cable via, so measure your nail against the cable you are using. If you chose some flower or dragonfly design, you may wish to have the light bulbs in the center, very make the holes accordingly.

Tips & Cautions

Attach one about your copper shapes to the lights before cutting all of them to examine for sizing. You can paint the copper to improve the pattern. The cut edges about the copper are sharp, so wear gloves when you are handling the copper.


Solar String Lights

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