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Iwatsu remains the manufacturer of a couple of Omega multi-line phone systems. Many of their devices come provided together with several multi-purpose keys used to program Co lines, extensions and features. If you desire to get the most use out of your Omega phone, you should use the multi-purpose keys. You can system the multi-purpose keys on your Omega phone easily.

Difficulty: Moderately Simple


1 Press the "Element" key while the phone yous idling.

2 Dial "#3," also then press the multi-purpose key that you want to be programmed. If there is any feature already programmed to this key, it will show inside the exhibit window.

3 Press the "CHG" button within 3 seconds of pressing the multi-purpose essential.

4 Select "Line," "Ext" or "Accomplishment," then use the acceptable keys to enter the line or extension. Use the code outlined in your manual to program the express feature to that key.

5 Press the "Save" button to save your selection and lift the handset to exit the system. Repeat these steps to program additional multi-purpose keys.

Suggestions & Warnings

Suggest item Omega 924 Owner's Manual Owner's Handbooks Business Information

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