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Dying to be a "Twilight" vampire? You may look enjoy one for the movie opening these days. The film, from the novel by Stephenie Meyer, tells the story of vampires who stray away from the characteristic stereotype. "Twilight" vampires are beautiful, angelic creatures by means of colorful visions and a physique scent which attracts their human victim. If you would like to look like some "Twilight" vampire, here are some few simple tips to get your started.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Instructions. kontaktlinser.

1 Have on colored contacts if feasible, as "Twilight" vampires have glowing, colored eyes. Vegetarian "Twilight" vampires boast golden eyes while regular vampires have burgundy eyes.

2 Use any footing on your skin which is about pair shades lighter besides your pure skin tone. Work the footing into your skin in circular motions, covering your ears and neck because well with a blended, pure look. "Twilight" vampires obtain light just about glowing epidermis, so you might consider a groundwork which is designed to reflect light. These are often called "luminance," "sheer" or "brilliance."

3 Apply lavender eyeliner and eyeshadow topping it away with a soft layer about black mascara. Produce sure that you apply a line of lavender below the eye since well to top off your "Twilight" vampire look. Finish your makeup with some blood red lipstick.

4 Dress simply, although dark. You can pick jeans and long sleeved t-shirts or simple skirts with blouses whereas long being the colors are deep purples, dark reds or blacks. "Twilight" vampires do not typically dress in extravagant vampire garb as they blend in nicely with humans, nevertheless dark colors are often preferable.


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