One frustrating disadvantage together with iPod and iTunes is that pictures and photos are saved onto your iPod in some seemingly random style. But if you want to save a comic book or any slide show onto your iPod, you will want to organize your pictures so they are displayed on buy. Follow these steps to organize images on an iPod.

Difficulty: Reasonable

1 Create any new folder. Right-click anywhere on your desktop. Select "New" from the list and consequently "Folder." Name it "iPod Photos."

2 Reveal pictures you desire to import to your iPod. These may be from the Web or on your hard drive.

3 Copy them to your "iPod Photos" folder. If it remains on your hard drive, highlight the pictures and hit "Ctrl" plus "C" at the same time. Subsequently open your "iPod Photographs" folder also hit "Ctrl" and "V" at the same time.

5 Open iTunes and connect your iPod. Now click your "iPod" icon. Click on the "Photos" tab.

6 Click "Sync Photos From:" and next select your "iPod Pictures" folder. Click "Apply."

7 Update your iPod. Click "File" in that case "Sync iPod."

8 Disconnect your iPod and view the pictures.

Tips & Warnings

If you include full-resolution photos, you may transfer high quality photos again onto any computer after. By default, iTunes updates your iPod automatically when you connect it. Syncing your iPod to a new folder will remove some existing photos. Make sure to eject your iPod by clicking the button near the icon previous to you disconnect.

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