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When you imagine about homemade match shooters, memories of naughty boys from college are never far behind. They just couldn't resist showing away their handmade wood pistols that often managed to fling a lit complement through the air. Yes, match shooters were enjoyment, still they invariably held the ability to beginning a fire. If you want to make a complement flinger, take care to use it wisely and by means of the utmost safety.

Difficulty: Moderately Challenging


2 wood spring-loaded clothespin 1 rubber band Wood stick matches

Utility knife

Advocate Edits

1 Take apart two spring-loaded wood clothing pins. Take on a half-clothespin also place the use knife blade in the hole everywhere the wound spring had in the past been. Lower also carve the wood with the best of the cavity into a right perspective.

2 Put the spring back on to the half clothespin that was absolutely carved away with the utility knife. To conduct this, push the nose of the clothespin by way of so particular bent metal prong remains on top of the wood and 1 is underneath it. Keep pushing the wood by means of till one of the bent prongs locks inside the pivot groove where one of the prongs was originally lodged prior to the clothespin was taken apart. If you're not sure what groove that yous, look in any clothespin that hasn't been taken apart.

3 Cock the coordinate stick shooter to test the trigger tension. Location the clothespin from Action 2 hence that the original groove with one regarding the bent forks locked into it is facing down. Take another half clothespin and employ the front rounded nose to press the metal spring straight again until the bent metal prong has slipped lower to the notch in the wood that was cut with the use knife.

4 Hold the cocked mechanism in your hand whereas you would a pistol and place your index finger beneath the horizontal wood and pull back on the metal spring. The best bent metal prong will pull out about hers notch and will glide forward on the wood. Slowly back away the pressure on the spring through the index finger.

5 Rest a second half-clothespin on top of the half that has been changed. Appear at the areas of the clothespins that have been factory notched to receive the bent metal forks. The one for the metal trigger ought to possess the notch facing down. Lay the second half clothing pin on top regarding the first particular with the notch facing awake. Have the rubber band also wrap it all over both splits in top of the metal spring trigger to lock it together.

6 Receive another half clothespin and shove the rounded nose between the clothespins rubber banded together from again behind the metal trigger. Thrust in towards the trigger to cock it as in Action 3. Remove the third half clothespin once the shooter has been cocked. Stick some wood coordinate brain-first into the mouth of the match shooter until it's securely wedged in. Hold the shooter like a pistol and pull the trigger by way of the index finger. The coordinate will ignite and fly through the air.

Be careful not to hit anybody in the eye by way of flying lit matches. Take on care not to start any one inadvertent fires.

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