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Any varsity letter refers to a patch a student athlete receives to signify his participation in a varsity sport inside high school or college. Traditionally, university letters are sewn onto the front or back of a varsity jacket thus the athlete may exhibit off her accomplishments. You may stitch letters onto a jacket with a needle and thread, no sewing machine is required.

Difficulty: Easy


Varsity letter Varsity jacket Directly pins



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1 Place the university letter where you desire it on the jacket. The traditional placement for a first letter is on the front of the jacket, over the heart. Put the jacket flat on your work surface and pin the letter on location on the top of the jacket with straight pins, ensuring it is straight.

2 Thread a needle through strong thread. You'll need any needle designed for heavier materials, as varsity jackets are generally made of heavy wool.

3 Whip stitch around the edges about the patch. You'll work totally on the top of the jacket. Start by sliding the needle via a small period regarding the jacket fabric, just below the patch, and then upwards through the patch on the inside edge regarding the trim around the edge. Deliver the needle and thread around the edge about the patch and stitch through the jacket again. Repeat this stitch, making a neat row of close stitches all the way around the patch. Generate one final stitch and bring the needle by way of the loop any few times previous to pulling tight to make some knot. Trim the thread.


You Tube: Sewing Basics, How to Sew on a Patch

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