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Photograph evidence at some crime scene may possibly be used at trial.

Photo a crime scene as a way to accurately document and record what happened. The photos will support those who weren't at the crime scene plus can be used since proof in a test. Receive photos only of items directly related to the crime scene. Steer clear of photographing unrelated objects, such as some nightfall or a bird flying by means of.

Difficulty: Moderate


Things You'll Need

Camera Flash Memory card

1 Start shooting pictures immediately upon arriving with the crime scene. Be convinced to shoot one or two general shots, including as much evidence as you may previous to the evidence is moved. Step to the edge of the scene also function your way around inside a 36 web site level circle until you've enveloped the entire scene. If the crime took place with any place, photograph as much about the place since feasible in some solitary shot.

2 Step in closer for mid-array shots. Shoot evidence based on groupings. If there's a body together with evidence close by, photograph the two as a single grouping. If there's broken glass near some window, picture the window plus glass on the ground in the similar shot.

3 Close up in on individual pieces of evidence. Action in closer with upwards-close shots of blood stains, bullet holes, shell casings, hair, scratches or broken pieces of glass. Take close-up photos of each bit about proof before it's disturbed.

5 Shoot important shots of the surrounding region. You don't desire to focus on a considerable region around the crime scene, but you do want to shoot enough photos to give perspective on where the crime happened. If the crime occured with any home or apartment, shoot photos regarding the neighborhood to show where the crime happened. If there's a big gathering in the crime scene, take photos regarding the crowd to show who was on the area.


Forensic Magazine: Crime Scene Photography Northern Illinois University: Crime Scene Investigation

Crime Scene Investigator: CSI Photography

Photograph Credit Comstock/Comstock/Getty Images ;

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