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Every credit card company has a formula to discover the minimum payment on your credit card balance. You can always make more than the minimum expense, which can help you pay out off the balance sooner plus save money on interest charges. Prior to charging an item to your credit card, calculate the minimum credit card payment to produce confident you can afford it.

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Terms and conditions for credit card Calculator Credit card statement

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1 Read the credit card terms also conditions to determine the way in which the minimum expense is worked out on that is card. You received the terms and conditions whilst you first got the card and you might be able to reveal them online via your accounts management gear.

2 Call your credit card company if you cannot secure data on the calculation technique with the minimum payment. The customer service representative can give you that information.

3 Convert your credit card's minimum payment percentage in a decimal to employ it in calculations. Move the decimal level dual spaces to the left to make this conversion. For illustration, transform a 4 percent minimum payment into 0.04.

4 Multiply your credit card balance listed at the end regarding your credit card statement via your decimal minimum payment percentage. To example, if your credit card declaration lists exclusive ending balance of $6,294, multiply this by means of 0.04 to determine that you include a minimum payment of $251.76.

5 Add to the minimum expense any transaction fees for items similar like balance transfers or cash advances you initiated during this declaration period. Find the period of the transaction charges on your credit card terms.

6 Compare this volume to the flat minimum expense for your credit card. Most cards list a flat minimum payment period of somewhere among $10 and $25. If you calculated a smaller minimum payment than this, you will require to fork out the flat cost instead. If your total credit card balance is smaller other than the flat amount, you must fork out the total balance.

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Credit Cards: The True Cost of Paying the Minimum

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