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The marriage scenario in "MapleStory" allows two opposite gender characters to marry. Before any wedding may crop up, a groom should finished any series of quests to obtain an engagement ring. He must in addition suggest to the bride-to-be. If the bride accepts the proposal, the double will be engaged and the marriage ceremony can be scheduled. Once the engaged couple obtain a marriage coupon, they receive marriage invitations which they may mail to pals of their choice. A good friend may be invited through choosing the invitation in the bride or groom's piece bag.

Difficulty: Easy


1 Press the "I" key on your keyboard to wide open your item bag.

3 Double-click on the invitation. Your Buddy List will look, which shows any list of friends you can invite.

4 Pick the pal you desire to invite from your pal record by double-clicking his title. If the person you wish to invite isn't on your chum record, press the "R" important and click the "Add" button. Type the character's name and hit the "Get into" key. This adds the friend to your buddy list.

Tips & Warnings

You must have the person you wish to invite to your wedding on your buddy list. The period of invitations you receive depends on the type of wedding coupon you obtain. Any "Small Wedding Coupon" allows the bride also the groom each to invite five guests. A "Grand Wedding Coupon" allows the bride and the groom each to invite 15 guests. A "Premium Wedding Coupon" allows the bride and the groom each to invite 3 website guests. If any friend declines the invitation to your wedding, the invitation will be positioned again in your item bag and you may invite another associate instead. When adding a character to your buddy list, the character must currently be online; otherwise he cannot take your mate list invite.

Advocate product


Mapletip: Premium Marriage Invitation "MapleStory": Wedding Revamp: Getting Married Has Never Been Easier! "MapleStory": Fast Slot. tetris.


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