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Contact solutions are designed to remove bacteria and other germs away from smooth and hard lenses.

You require contact saline solutions in order to fresh and disinfect soft and hard contact lenses. This cuts down on your opportunity of eye infection plus other problems that can arise with bacterial exposure. Making your own solutions can save you money, although homemade saline contact answer must not be used to store contacts for disinfection. According to the United Express Food plus Drug Administration or FDA, homemade contact answer should only be used during heat disinfection, not normal contact storage.

Difficulty: Tolerably Easy


Things You'll Require

Mild soap cleanser Plain table salt or salt tablet 4 cups regarding drinking water Small saucepan Measuring cup Measuring spoon Sterile glass jar with lid

3 Add 2 teaspoons about plain table salt or one salt capsule to your water. When adding in 2 teaspoons, Ohio Express University Medical Center instructs ensuring that is your measurements remain level.

4 Boil your saline solution over medium warmth, allowing it to boil to 15 minutes. Produce confident the the lid about the saucepan remains firmly inside place the whole time the saline is allowed to cook.

5 Remove the saucepan out of the heat and allow it to great to room temperature. Once it has cooled, pour it into your sterilized jar and place the lid on firmly.

Tips & Warnings

Ohio State College Medical Center suggests labeling your saline solution by means of the date and discarding any one unopened solution after only calendar month. Create not use saline seeing that vision drops or for rewetting contacts. Only operate whilst disinfecting contacts using heat.


FDA: Homemade Saline Solutions for Contact Lenses Ohio State College: How to Make Normal Saline

Photo Credit Ryan McVay? /Photodisc/Getty Images ;

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