It's easy to build a doll solar car together with elements out of things all over the house and items you can purchase from local businesses.

Difficulty: Average


Things You'll Need. Zing.

1 Clamp the pager motor inside a vice extremely that is the weight at the finish is held but the engine itself is free. Place a pillow underneath to motor to capture it because you work.

2 Reduce some 1/3-inch section regarding a report clip and hold it consequently that the uncut end sleeps on the center of the weight of the motor's spindle. Give the sharpened conclusion a light tap by a hammer to drive the spindle back out. The engine will fall onto the pillow. Repeat these steps by means of the next engine. Operate identical motors so your car does not spin in circles.

3 Solder wires to both connecting heads from every motor. Remove any wheel from the building block set and glue it throughout the axle with the glue gun consequently that it rotates unreservedly. Generate the wheel vertical to the motor's axis. Wait for the glue to neat. Repeat with the other motor using an identical wheel.

4 Glue the two motors to one conclusion about the tongue depressor to form the front wheels about the vehicle. Glue them at the prevent to which the wheels are attached, not at the wheel itself, to allow them to spin freely.

5 Attach the 6 solar panels from applying the glue to the tongue depressor and after that environment the panels in the glue. Produce sure there are steers to these solar cells that is permit you to hook them increase without soldering directly onto the cell. Wire the solar cells with collection and link them to the motors. Do not solder or trim wires until you have tested the way within which the motors are spinning whenever the solar cells are in vivid sunlight.

6 While the motors spin with the proper direction, solder all connections and trim off the excess cable.

Suggestions & Warnings

If the solar cells complete not have guides, employ liquid solder--not the stuff that boils up--because the cells may be damaged.

The wheels may have holes drilled in it to decrease their weight whereas well. Always wear safety goggles.


Introduction to soldering (eHow Video) What is Soldering? (eHow Document) How to Desolder (eHow)

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