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Contact lens answer

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1 Blink your eye a few times. If the contact comes out regarding your eye, chances are there was an air bubble below the lens. Wash your hands, wash the contact lens off along with solution and reinsert it into your eye.

2 Look within the mirror. If your contact yous visibly raised away from your eyeball, there is an air bubble under the lens. Wash your hands and then operate your pointer finger to softly slide the contact from part to side on your eyeball to view if it removes the air bubble from beneath your contact lens.

3 Observe the ease degree. If your contact yous inserted into your eye properly without each and every bubbles, you ought to not be capable to sense the contact from your eye. If you feel uncomfortable, you may have any air bubble underneath your contact lens. Wash your hands, remove the contact, clean up it with solution also replace it.

4 Notice, or examine, if your vision yous tearing or red. Your eyes may possibly be sensitive to contact lenses and if there is an air bubble under the lens, your vision might become red or begin to tear as some way of alerting you there is an issue through the lens. Wash your hands, remove the contact, clean up it with solution plus replace it.

Tips & Cautions

Always wash your hands before handing your contact lenses. Throw away contact lenses that have any rip.

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All About Vision: Tips for Contact Lens Wearers Bausch & Lomb: Tips for Triumphant Contact Lens Wear

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