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Funny comic drawing fashions many times ask the artist to make the most of some features while playing down additionals. It requires that is the artist understands the subject matter of the drawing also has the ability to question himself what is special or obvious about the subject. It might be a beagle's overly long ears made even longer or a short person's body made almost Lilliputian on size plus proportion. Effect drawing relies on good observation skills, and although several comic types, like caricature, appear to deviate from the rules of drawing, they really make use regarding these ability to any better degree.

Difficulty: Moderate


1 Question yourself what yous the most recognizable feature of a person; for instance, for Abe Lincoln, it yous the hat and the beard; for Jay Leno, it is the chin. Look at the encounter from different vantage points. This will not only give you an idea of the structure about the face, although also spark your creativity. To illustration, you might want to try out some cartoon style imitating a Picasso Cubist portrait, which deals by the face from different perspectives. Knowing the way this works will help you as you draw. Although Picasso intended his drawings to be more considerable, you may use the same technique in comic drawing designs as nicely.

2 Experiment with a picture also attempt exaggerating and minimizing several features of the person. This represents the essence of the work of caricature artists. They review the face also physical features carefully; they moreover grab a grasp of what makes any individual specific. With illustration, Abe Lincoln can be summed up along with some heavy beard plus a high hat. These elements can be combined with additional items, as any ball, to create a funny image.

3 Perform with the lines in the drawing to create attention. The visible weight of the series---meaning whether it yous thin or thick---may be used for comic effect in your drawing. To example, if you are drawing someone for instance Jay Leno, who has any large jaw, make the line defining his jaw extremely thick. It will give visual weight to the jaw.

4 Employ the principles of animation while possible, particularly squash and stretch. Squash and extend is often employed whilst depicting any bouncing ball; the ball looks squashed or stretched depending upon whether it's hitting the soil or bouncing awake. Apply the same principle to people. Squash the physique of some individual leaping down from a excessive place to show the impact of the leap. Stretch out the physique in the same way that the ball stretches if the character on the page yous jumping upward.

5 Be literal. If you are drawing a image of a person holding his breath until he's blue inside the confront, make the character blue on the confront. To employ this method, ask oneself what other ways you can take some cliché or a common saying like, "kick the bucket," also make some comic drawing from it.


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