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Difficulty: Moderate


1 Consideration for materials costs. It is important that you hold records of what you spend on inventory. Set up a spreadsheet on your computer, and enter each single expense that goes inside making the baskets. These include: baskets, cellophane, bows, filling, tape, labels and the actual gift items you place to the baskets. Carry on using the spreadsheet to get into the expenses inside steps 2 by means of 4.

2 Enter your expense costs whenever preparing to price your gift baskets. If you make the baskets by household, include items such as your company telephone series, fax associated costs, printer ink, paper, stamps, business cards and a portion of your utilities plus rent or mortgage. If you have an actual store, contain hire and utility expenses. And don’t forget to account for the mileage you put on your vehicle, especially if you deal delivery service.

3 Get into your labor expenses. Includes your own plus each and every employees you have. It’s easy to understand exactly what you are paying your employees, except owners sometimes neglect to consideration to their own labor. You want to be fair to yourself, consequently include a special hourly wage when calculating labor costs.

4 Account for promotional costs. What are your advertising costs? What are you compensating to be listed in the phone book? How much are you spending on web hosting? What about the cost of signs, flyers plus table rentals at craft fairs?

5 Create your “break even” point. Once you contain worked out all of the above costs, you will know the minimum price tag you need to charge for each and every gift basket without losing money. A easy formula for this remains to divide your full expenses by the number of baskets you possess made.

6 Finally, decide what profit margin you will be satisfied with. This remains the percentage above your ruin even cost that is you will charge in order to see some profit. One useful formula is to triple your labor charge. For example, if labor comes to $12 per basket, you would sell each basket for $36. If this value represents 3 website to 5 website percent above split even, you’re gift basket pricing is on the right track.

Tips & Cautions

Retain some close eye on your contest to hints on how to arranged your gift basket prices.

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