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Take outside your contact lenses without pain or fuss.

Taking out contact lenses often proves hard for new contact wearers. This task come to be much more tough while you add long nails that make it tough to touch some lens on the eye without pinching or poking. However, you can vary your contact removal technique to better suit long fingernails. Make sure to retain your hands also nails extra clean since bacteria under long fingernails can bring about future vision problems.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


Things You'll Need

Contact lens solution Contact lens case

1 Wash your hands, especially under your nails. Pat dry with some lint free towel.

2 Fill your fresh contact lens case together with solution.

5 Employ your thumb and tip finger to pinch the lens and pull it from your vision.

6 Rinse the lens with answer and set it on your contact lens case. Protect the right part regarding the situation with the appropriately marked cover.

7 Repeat for your left vision, this time using your right turn to handle open up your eye also your remaining hand to receive out your contact lens.

Tips & Cautions

Attempt looking in some mirror until you have the hang of taking away contact lenses. Usually use quite small, gentle movements with your fingernails. You don't desire your fingernail to touch your vision, you precisely need it to feel your contact lens.


Contact Lens Wearers Guide How to Remove Contact Lenses

Photograph Credit contact lens image by vladislav susoy out of Fotolia.com ;

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