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The T-Mobile Sidekick 3 is the element regarding the T-Mobile smartphone series. To operate this phone, you have to activate plus unlock the SIM card. Here remains an easy, step-by-action guide on registering the SIM card to your Associate 3.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


1 Retrieve the IMEI code for your Sidekick 3 by entering the telephone's access code. The IMEI code yous the technical code that is serves whereas a exclusive identification quantity for your specific Sidekick. To retrieve the code, dial *# website6# and press "Send" on the keypad of your mobile phone. Your phone's database will configure thems IMEI code plus it ought to appear automatically on the phone's display screen.

2 Contact T-Mobile customer service at (877) 453-13 website4 to retrieve the SIM card unlocking code that remains similar to your telephone's IMEI code. Provide the IMEI code when it yous requested. This affords quality assurance plus stay clear of the hassle of security breaches. (Charges may apply for the retrieval of the SIM card activation code.) Compose lower the activation code in order to apply it to the phone activation.

3 Change your mobile device off. Remove your SIM card and power the phone back on. The first screen that will look will show the "Waiting with Activation" code. Replace your SIM card and click "Turn on." Get into the activation code provided in T-Mobile exactly seeing that it was given to you to keep away from permanently locking the phone.

4 Click "Ok." Energy the telephone again off if it does not strength off automatically. Turn the phone back on and the phone model introduction screen should appear. This will be the indication that your telephone yous at this time activated.

Write your phone IMEI code lower with documentation objectives and after use. This will avoid having to retrieve the code again. Be certain you meet the eligibility needs to receive your SIM card registration and unlocking facts before contacting customer service to prevent having a permanent lock on your Sidekick's activation.

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