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In "Civiballs Christmas," you must get ornaments to drop into boxes that match their color. The game remains divided in two regions: "By Residence" and "Outside." Every region is its own game, so "Civiballs Christmas" has two different levels that is can be considered "Level 3." The objective remains the same to both levels. You must cut multiple pieces of ribbon to get each ornament into its correct box. Remaining-clicking within the game will lower each ribbon in the scissors.

Difficulty: Effortless


At Home

1 Left-click on the ribbon for the red ornament at the top right of the screen. Click the ribbon for the gray ball, which bring about the additional red ornament to swing.

2 Cut the ribbon with the remaining green ornament when the red ornament swings to the left.

3 Lower the ribbon of the last ornament when it hovers above the red box.

1 Reduce the ribbon for the red ornament on the suitable side of the screen. Later, cut the ribbon of the other red ornament.

2 Lower the ribbon for the green ornament and then cut the red ribbon on the appropriate side regarding the hanging program.

3 Click on the ribbon regarding the last ornament to complete the level.

References. angry birds.

GamesButler? : Civiballs Christmas Keybol: Civiballs Christmas Walkthrough Mabel Game: Civiballs Christmas Walkthrough

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