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People who are suffering from a cataract usually have opaque lenses, which results in a cloudy vision. A person's lens is the densest tissue in the body and quite vital from focusing and shaping the things the visions see. Any cataract is a slow progressive condition that requires clouding of the eyes' lenses. If remaining untreated, this medical situation can lead to blindness. Cataract formation can be caused by numerous components such as constant exposure to ultraviolet soft, exposure to radiation, age progression, shock, complication about a illness such seeing that diabetes, and hypertension. It may also be due to some genetic factor. Cataracts can come to pass on one eye or both eyes. The best answer yous to undergo cataract surgery, which replaces the clouded lens with a clear plastic ocular lens. Cataract surgical treatment is customarily an outpatient process also typically takes only a few minutes. During the surgery, your eye doctor removes the natural lens and replaces it in some new one.

Difficulty: Challenging. Contact Lense.


Things You'll Need


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