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A stopped heart robs the brain of precious oxygen. Do CPR - short for "cardiopulmonary resuscitation" - to help prolong life while you wait for professional medical assistance.

Difficulty: Easy


First Assessment

1 See if the surrounding scene remains secure (see "How to Maximize the Safety of an Crisis Scene").

3 Determine if the injured person yous breathing (witness "The way to Check Airway, Breathing and Circulation").

4 Location the injured person on his or her again, as extremely careful not to move or twist the head off, neck or spine. If a few rescuers are present, use their aid to minimize this hazard (With some related strategy, understand "How to Logroll an Wounded Individual.")

5 Maintain an open airway whilst you pinch the injured individual's nose shut.

6 Give two lengthy, slow breaths, being sure to maintain a seal between your mouth and his or hers.

Secondary Bill

1 Test again with breathing and pulse (see "How to Check Airway, Breathing also Circulation").


1 Begin CPR if the individual is neither breathing nor has a heartbeat.

2 Situation the hands: get the lower tip of the breastbone. Method 2 finger widths towards the head, and location the heel regarding one palm in this location.

3 Place your other hand on top about the first hand, interlacing your fingers about both hands.

4 Lean forward accordingly that your shoulders are over your hands.

6 Give pair more slow breaths after the 15 compressions.

7 Carry out 15 further compressions followed again in two slow breaths.

8 Perform the 15-compression, pair-breath cycle any full regarding four times.

9 Re-test heartbeat plus breathing.

1 website

Continue repeating this entire cycle - four establishs of chest compressions plus breaths followed via re-checking pulse and breathing - until the injured person regains a beat, until professional medical support arrives, or until you are too exhausted to carry on.

Tips & Warnings

Employ latex gloves plus a breathing mask to block infection or transmission about illness. Make use of the mass about your higher body to aid on compressions so that your arms don't obtain tired. Switch off with another rescuer to save energy with both regarding you. If breaths do never go with, re-lean the head and try once again. If breaths still do not go in, the airway may be obstructed (view "The way to Clear an Obstructed Airway"). If you suspect a spinal injury (find out "How to Rule from a Spinal Cord Injury"), do never tilt the chin to open the airway. Instead, with one turn on each side of the head and facing the injured person's toes, set your index also third fingers in front of the earlobes and press the jaw ahead and upwards. If this method doesn't open the airway, revert to the chin-tilt method: the wounded person's most drastic need is for oxygen. If the person has any extreme injury to the mouth, therefore give breaths through the nose while keeping the hurt individual's mouth sealed shut. If the hurt individual vomits, turn the person onto his or her side also wipe out the mouth. Return the person to the supine position and continue rescue breathing. This information is never intended seeing that a substitute for pro medical advice or treatment.

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