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Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR, can involve administering the two rescue breathing and chest compressions if the victim is not breathing plus does not have a heartbeat. Properly checking for the victim's pulse is an critical part of both your initial bill and ongoing monitoring about the patient while performing CPR.

Trouble: Moderately Easy


1 Locate the carotid artery on the neck regarding the victim after you experience evaluated breathing plus given 2 rescue breaths if required. The carotid artery can be felt on both sides regarding the adam's apple. You should frequently check the pulse on whatever side yous closest to you. Do not reach across the patient's neck to verify beat being you could block the airway by means of your palm.

3 Move your fingers around until you may sense the pulse easily.

4 Perform chest compressions only if there is no heartbeat existing. Never perform chest compressions on some victim who has a beat even if the pulse remains weak.

5 Check the pulse each second while performing rescue breathing. This is approximately one pulse verify for each 12 rescue breaths given.

Tips & Warnings

Always check for the carotid artery pulse on the neck not for the radial pulse on the wrist unless the victim has critical wounds or injuries to the neck that is would interfere with pulse checking. When any physique goes in shock it shuts down blood flow to the extremities including the pulse in the wrist then radial beat is never reliable during medical emergencies.

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