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An IP (Internet Protocol) phone program uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP? ) technology to lower telephone service price tag for all house or office through any flat rate for all local, extended distance plus even international calls. A VoIP? system uses regular landline phones with installing one analog telephone adapter (ATA) to transform voice signals from analog to digital form, and vice versa. Improve service to your home or business also lower costs by using an IP phone system.

Things You'll Need

Screwdriver Telephone cable Diagonal pliers RJ-14 telephone jack (area support) VoIP? adapter Cable staples Wire stripper

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1 Place an analog telephone adapter beside your modem or beside your Internet network router. Mount an RJ-14 wall jack on the wall nearest to the adapter, using screws or mounting tape supplied with the jack. Support another RJ-14 telephone jack on the wall where you wish to location your landline phone. Open the top cover regarding the two jacks by unscrewing the holding screws and loosen the red and green terminal screws inside the two jacks, using any screwdriver.

2 Route a telephone cable from the first jack to the following jack, but allow 6 inches of additional cable at the two ends. Fasten the cable using cable staples every 12 inches. Strip away the cable's external jacket in both ends by 3 inches to uncover the inner wires. Peel off 1/2 inch of plastic insulation variety the tip of the red and green wires, using some wire stripper.

3 Hook both red and green wires clockwise around their corresponding color-coded terminal screws on the jack. Tighten and secure each and every connection, with some slotted screwdriver, and replace the jack deal with.

4 Insert one closure of the Ethernet patch cable supplied with the adapter into its matching RJ-45 port behind your modem or router. Insert the other finish in the RJ-45 port at the back of the adapter and change on the adapter.

5 Connect the adapter to the phone cable by plugging the telephone patch wire supplied with the adapter into the RJ-14 port at the again regarding your adapter, and plugging hers other end in the wall jack. Plug the landline phone in the wall jack on the additional finish regarding the line, and lift its handset to listen to a dial tone.


VoIP? Adapter: VoIP? Free of charge Calls Jake Ludington's Digital Lifestyle: VoIP? over Phone Wiring Public Service Commission of Wisconsin: Connecting the Wires

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