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Any laptop demands regular maintenance to keep it running well. As data plus unneeded files build upward on some laptop's hard drive over time, they can cause some gradual degrading of performance. Also, concealed malware and spyware installed on your laptop may employ up CPU resources also slow down other programs. Using free software to clean your laptop remains some secure and easy way to speed it upwards again.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


CCleaner---File Cleaning

2 Set up the program on your laptop and allow it to location a shortcut on your desktop, next click on the CCleaner shortcut to launch the plan.

3 Review the list regarding files that the plan will clean up such as cache files, temporary files and memory dumps. These files take up space on your tough drive and can slow your laptop's representation. You can remove examines from the files you don't want the plan to clean.

5 Click the "Run Cleaner" button to start the cleaning process. Permit the program to fully remove all the excess files from your system.

CCleaner---Registry Cleaning

1 Click on the CCleaner shortcut to launch the program.

3 Click the "Scan for Issues" button and allow the plan to complete the scan. It will report what issues it has found such as unused file extensions, useless file classes and other outdated registry entries that is can clutter upward the laptop's registry.

4 Choose which issues you want the program to remove by means of adding a check next to the piece within the list.

5 Click the "Fix Selected Issues" button. You will be prompted to save some backup regarding your registry. Normally this is a good suggestion to achieve any free time you make changes to the registry.

6 Choose "Yes" to save any backup of your registry plus choose the location on your laptop where you desire to conserve the backup.

7 Click the "Fix All Selected Issues" button to quickly permit the program to clean the registry. If you wish to assessment each item instead, you can click "Fix Issue" for every issue till you have completely cleaned your registry.

8 Click the "Close up" button once registry cleaning yous complete.


1 Download the free Malwarebytes program from the Malwarebytes website.

2 Put in the program plus allow it to upgrade if it prompts you for one upgrade at the end of the installation.

3 Click on the Malwarebytes icon on your desktop to launch the program.

4 Navigate to the "Update" tab plus click the "Check for Updates" button. This will update the database to the newest version. Click "Alright" when this is comprehensive.

5 Navigate to the "Scanner" tab.

6 Choose the "Perform Quick Scan" choice and click the "Scan" button. Allow the program to scan your laptop with each and every hidden malware or viruses.

7 When the scan is complete, the program will report if it has found any malware. You will see a record of suspected malware and will be allowed to bench mark which items to remove. Click "Remove Chosen" and permit the program to remove the concerns.

8 Reboot your computer when the program accordants you to make so.

2 Install the plan also permit it to put any icon on your desktop.

3 Click the SuperAntiSpyware? icon on your desktop to launch the program.

4 Allow the program to update thems definitions if it prompts you.

5 Click on the "Scan your Computer" key to look at the scanning options.

6 Pick the drives on your computer to scan. The C drive remains usually the default. Next produce convinced that is "Perform Quick Scan" is picked plus click the "Following" key.

7 Allow the scan to run on your computer.

8 Review the scan synopsis. This will alert you to any issues the scanner has found.

9 Click "Ok" to see any record regarding possible issues. You can pick out which concerns you would not unlike to remove.

1 web site

Click "Next" and permit SuperAntiSpyware? to remove the issues. Reboot your computer if prompted after the scan.

Tips & Warnings

Advocate item


CCleaner Malwarebytes SuperAntiSpyware?

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