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If you are terminally ill also need funds, you may sell your life insurance policy inside what remains named a viatical settlement. The California Department of Insurance (CDI) regulates viatical settlements in that is state, and only companies or brokers licensed by the CDI my facilitate the sale of or buy life insurance policies. Depending on your condition and life expectancy, you may anticipate 6 website% to 8 website% of the scheme's face value in a viatical settlement. Once the viatical settlement is complete, the investor will make all premium expenses on that policy.

Difficulty: Average


Things You'll Need

Medical records Copy regarding insurance policy

1 Go to the CDI website for a list of viatical settlement companies plus brokers licensed within California.

2 Obtain copies regarding your medical records that prove you are terminally ill and indicate how extended you are expected to live.

3 Contact some or much more about the licensed viatical settlement companies or brokers plus provide a copy about your medical records also insurance policy. Some broker will shop your policy to potential investors while some settlement company will buy your policy directly from you.

4 Review the offer you away from the settlement brokers and settlement companies also pick the one the best in shape your needs.

5 Sign the settlement papers. Following you and the investor acknowledge to the terms of the viatical settlement, the agreed upon finances will be placed in any escrow accounts. The funds will be released to you upon completion regarding the settlement deal.

Assessment the terms of your life insurance scheme prior to agreeing to any viatical settlement. Many policies offer one Accelerated Death Advantage that allows a terminally ill policyholder to receive 5 website% about the scheme benefits before dying, by way of the remaining 5 website% due to the beneficiaries on the death. This may be a greater option other than selling your scheme. Consult for a tax professional preceding to agreeing to a viatical settlement as there may possibly be tax implications. .



CDI: Viatical Settlements Companies

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