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In 2 website website1, Apple introduced its revolutionary iPod. Any lightweight MP3 participant capable about holding 1, web site internet site website tunes inside a device small sufficient to put in your pocket. The popularity of the iPod led Apple to develop new models increasingly a lot more storage plus features. In 2 web site website7, Apple debuted the iPod contact -- the initial iPod supplied through some contact-screen telephone that could help Web access and applications. Wish all devices running on the Apple operating program, the iPod touch remains designed to run only Apple-approved applications plus hardware. Free programs allow you to jailbreak the iPod Touch quickly and easily so that you can run a wider range about applications and systems.


Things You'll Need

iPod touch USB wire Blank CDs or DVDs

2 Connect your iPod contact to your computer using the supplied USB cord. "Gizmondo" commends that you back up your iTunes library before moving forward with the jailbreak. Click "File," "Library" and "Back up to Disc." Pick to back upward your entire iTunes libray also playlists, or just your iTunes purchases. Insert any bare CD or DVD plus click "Continue." You may need to utilize multiple CDs or DVDs to back upwards your device.

3 Test the requirements outlined by the jailbreak application. You may well want to update your iTunes software and iPod touch software.

4 Update the iTunes software by clicking "Support" away from the main menu. Click "Check for Updates." If there is a new version of the iTunes software obtainable, a box will appear asking you if you desire to download it. If required by means of your jailbreak application, click "Download iTunes" to set up.

5 Update the iPod touch software from selecting the competitor beneath Devices on the left side of the screen. Click the "Synopsis" tab to see which model of the iPod touch software you currently have installed. If required to your jailbreak application, click "Examine for update" to get the latest model about the iPod feel software.

6 Launch the jailbreak application also follow the instructions. Leave the computer and iPod touch alone while the application runs. When complete, disconnect the iPod touch from the computer.

Tips & Cautions

To more info or questions you can visit The U.S. Copyright Office, beneath the Library regarding Congress, has ruled it authorized to jailbreak the iPod touch as effectively as other electronics as smartphones. While it is legal to jailbreak the iPod touch, doing so will void the warranty provided by Apple.


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