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Pillows can add heat and style to each and every place. The fabric choices of a pillow dictate the style they present. A favorite sewing method amongst numerous craftspeople is using prairie points. Adding these points to a pillow gives it a land appear. You may make prairie points of the very same color whereas the relax regarding the pillow, or combine any contrasting color. Prairie points take patience to assemble but are worth the effort.

Trouble: Tolerably Challenging


Measuring tape Pillow insert Scissors Material Iron Material pencil Pins Sewing machine

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Prepare the Fabric. Spread Betting.

1 Method the width also length of your pillow put in. Cut two squares of fabric that is 1 inch wider and 1 inch longer than the dimension of your pillow insert.

2 Measure all over the perimeter of your pillow, and add 4 inches. Lower a 4-inch-wide band of fabric to that length.

3 Place wrong parts together. Fold the band in half lengthwise, and press.

4 Mark off 2-inch segments.

5 Cut the rectangulars on the marked lines from the outer edges to the center fold line. Create never reduce the fold line.

6 Turn the fabric confront down by means of the material open. Fold the initial square to produce a triangle. Turn the top corner lower to make any minute fold plus some scaled-down triangle will be formed. Pin.

7 Move to the row on the other side regarding the center fold line. Repeat to the folding regarding the subsequent rectangular. Turn this triangle by the centerline so that it overlaps the first triangle. Pin.

8 Continue folding each section alternating away from side to side until all points are folded and pinned.

9 Leave the pins, on place plus stitch a line about 1/8 inch away from the edge with the sewing machine to carry the points in location. Press.


1 When you assemble the pillow, pin the line of prairie points to the first cut square with right sides touching. The prairie points will be pointing toward the inside of the material square.

2 Stitch around all four sides of the pillow using your sewing device.

3 Lay down the second square of fabric on top through the right sides touching. Leave the prairie points toward the inside. Pin the squares together on three sides.

5 Trim seams also clip corners except do not clip any about the prairie points.

6 Turn the pillow cover right part out. Location the pillow put in in the pillow deal with through the open seam. Place it straight in the pillow include.

Tips & Warnings

Push out the corners so the points are nice and straight. Do not operate heavyweight materials for your prairie points.

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