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It's a simple concept: Round, cartoon birds receive their anger out on a few gluttonous pigs. Produce all the pigs vanish and you success that is specialized level of the game. The birds in Angry Birds are flung through the air in a slingshot and knock lower barricades that the pigs are hiding underneath. Each level has different challenges plus distinct birds with your disposal. Aiming on the game is the key to beating all the levels.


1 Pull back the slingshot by placing your finger on the bird in the slingshot. Adjust it to get hold of that is perfect shot by way of moving the bird around, upward or down in the slingshot. Hold the finger down also pull the slingshot to the left previous to releasing your finger from the bird and releasing it. Angry Birds Rio.

2 Series your bird up along with another bird that's in series if you want to keep in mind a distinctive perspective for a shot. Or line the bird up with the dots out of the previous bird if you want to hit the same spot once more.

3 Pull the bird so it sits low in the slingshot if you need to aim for any huge-angled shot. This can work if you desire to become through a barricade from the top rather than out of the side.

5 Exercise pulling the slingshot back on the game. Practice your angles also how far each bird will travel by means of every shot. The smaller birds will travel further than the larger birds.

Tips & Warnings

Watch the walk-through movies from the Rovio web site. Each walk-through shows you the way to achieve 3 stars on each level.

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Angry Birds Mobile; Locate a way to repeat your shots completely; Tim; Feb. 2 website11 Rovio: Angry Birds Walkthrough Videos


Rovio: Angry Birds Walkthrough Videos

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