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If you wear contact lenses and frequently take sleeps or even if you merely occasionally fall asleep on the couch, you might be worried around how your lenses are affecting your eye fitness. Luckily, there is a way to safely nap in contact lenses that reduces your risk of creating an vision condition, keeping your eyes healthy plus your body well-rested without the hassle regarding getting your lenses out each period you think fatigued.

Difficulty: Moderate


Things You'll Need

Extended wear contact lenses

1 Go to your eye physician and ask her to suggest any extended have on contact lens that is will rendezvous your needs. Extended wear lenses are specifically designed with constant wear, including whenever napping also even for sleeping overnight. Diverse extended wear lenses are meant to be worn for different periods of time, from 24 hours to six days to as lengthy being 3 website days.

2 Experiment with wearing your extended wear contact lenses for short sleeps (under one hour). Preserve a bottle of hydrating eye drops nearby in situation you wake up with waterless eyes. If you continue to experience irritation after some few naps (or if you experience critical irritation after the first sleep), remove your contact lenses and contact your eye doctor. He might want to see you for a follow-upwards visit. Save your contact lenses, as they can assist him determine the lead to of your irritation.

3 Develop any cleaning and rest routine for your extended wear make contact with (assuming you experienced no adverse side effects away from your trial snoozes). It's essential that you rest your visions plus never wear contacts for one particular daytime in between new twos about lenses; with example, if you are wearing seven-daytime extended wear lenses, every seven days you should take one particular day away, and then put inside a new two. Generate assured to clean your lenses every day or as generally as directed by your doctor and the contact lens manufacturer.

Tips & Warnings

Consult your eye doctor before switching to extended have on contact lenses or sleeping in it. Continually acquire contact lenses with a prescription also from a reputable source. Lenses are regulated by the FDA; purchasing lenses from an unregulated source means you cannot be certain that they are harmless. Clean up your extended wear lenses frequently, whereas protein construct-upward can harm your eyes and sleeping from unclean lenses can exacerbate this problem.


WebMD? : Focusing on Contact Lens Safety

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