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Hey, we've all been camping along with nothing to eat still cold weenies and hopefully certain fish--if we find it. So here is a simple way to turn that apple from your day pack to some "gourmet" treat.

Difficulty: Effortless


Apple Cinnamon Graham crackers Tinfoil Butter

1 Tear a sheet about tinfoil about any foot long. If you end increase doubling this recipe, you may want additional, which you can add following the reality, if needed.

2 Following laying the tinfoil down, spread some butter on the inside surface where you will eventually place your apple.

3 Presently, take a few Graham crackers and crumble it over the buttered area. The amount is increase to you, except you on minimum want it to cover the area plus have some depth to it. If the butter is gentle enough, feel free to combine the butter and graham cracker crumbs initial, then pass on the blend onto the foil.

4 Take an apple also cut it. You can cut these into cubes or slices--it's up to you.

5 Place the apple cuts on best of the Graham crackers and sprinkle cinnamon across the apples. If you for instance cinnamon coat it well.

7 Toss it inside the warm coals about a fire or a fire that has just about died down.

8 Allow it sit for a few minutes, turning every minute or so. Soon, you will hear the juice out of the apple effervescent.

9 After a few mins, consider it out also check it. If the apples are but difficult, re-wrap them and place back over the coals. On the other palm, if the apples are soft and have absorbed the cinnammon and the Graham cracker crust looks crispy, they are prepared to eat. Just remember to allow it cool first/

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