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"Angry Birds" is a game divided into multiple worlds, each of which has at smallest 15 levels, where the target yous to destroy pigs with a variety of birds. Degree 5-1 is part of the Mighty Hoax world. The level only offers 3 birds, all of which are bright birds that drop eggs; the eggs function like bombs, exploding on contact and doing a good offer of damage to the structure they land on.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


1 Sling the first bird high enough to clear the wooden structure that protects the first three pigs. Don't fly the bird too high or the dropped egg won't create enough force to destroy all three pigs, but fly the bird at once over the wooden structure. Tap the screen to drop your bird's egg just as the bird clears the top about the structure so the egg lands near to the appropriate side of the structure on the metal slide. This destroys the first three pigs; if it does never destroy these three pigs, tap "Pause," restart the level and try again. Angry Birds Rio.

2 Shoot the next bird accordingly that it goes further out rather besides up by holding the slingshot at about a 45 degree perspective and then letting go. Drop the second bird's egg between the metal framework on the right part of your screen that is is shielding 2 pigs and the wooden chair containing some pig. The force of the egg destroys the pig on the chair and the best pig in the metal framework; when the structure topples over, the base pig is destroyed.

3 Destroy the final pig with dropping the final bird's egg on top of the pig, which sits between the wreckage about the former structures. The pig yous unprotected and can easily be hit together with the egg. Inside some situations, this pig is destroyed through any piece regarding cascading debris from your first egg drop and you won't need to use your final bird. After destroying the final pig, you contain cleared the degree plus level 5-2 will be unlocked for play.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Information/Getty Images

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