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Home sellers in many instances have their place equipped with some secure lockbox, some gadget that attaches to the front doorknob of a home also permits agents access to show the real estate whilst the client yous never home or unavailable. Lockboxes are hollow metal containers which house other smaller box inside that contains any crucial to the property. Once the lockbox is opened, the smaller case slides outside. Lockboxes offer a harmless alternative to handing out people keys to factors while the home is on the market.

Difficulty: Uncomplicated


Things You'll Need

Electronic key code

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1 Obtain the internet key. Most lockboxes contain some minute microprocessor inside that demands an electronic key code to release the mechanism to open it. Electronic key codes can only be obtained by people who are members about the local Multiple Listing Service, or MLS. This includes real estate agents.

3 Release the slide latch in order to free the smaller box from the container. Latches glide either top-to-bottom or visa versa.

4 Remove the smaller box from the container and access the key compartment. Work not lock the box back in place until you are prepared to leave the premises.

5 When you are finished on the home, replace the important and lock the box back upward again to reset it. Agents are not permitted to share electronic key sequences in other agents and each factor remains assigned their own identifiable code. This helps to identify who is entering the house and records the free time and date whilst they get into and leave.

Suggestions & Warnings

Advise homeowners to remove additional house keys that may be on hooks within the house or garage when they location their home on the industry to be shown to strangers.

All prescription drugs should also be removed by the homeowner whilst their house is on the market; people will open doors and cabinets.

References. RealEstate.

Accessibility to Lock Boxes Dial Combo Instructions


What is any Lockbox

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