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Samsung HDTVs are supplied through specialized lamp units. Within the unit is a bulb that illuminates the the television image. The bulb has a limited lifetime and will burn out. Whenever the bulb burns out, the picture will be blank and the lamp's LED will start to blink on the television. The bulb may be replaced without calling a professional and it needs fundamental tools. Replacing the lamp will ensure some obvious plus crisp picture.

Trouble: Moderately Easy. hlr.

Things You'll Need

Flathead screwdriver Replacement bulb

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1 Turn the Tv off. Permit the TV to cool for about 2 web site minutes, if necessary. This should give the colling fan time to shut down. Unplug the Television.

2 Find the lamp door on the rear of the television. On certain models, the door is found on the left side. The door is secured in four screws. Remove them using a flathead screwdriver also pull off the door.

3 Grasp the handle on the lamp housing. Depending on the model, the lamp may not possess any handle but dual grooves on the side of the lamp to your fingers to grasp. Pull the lamp housing out.

4 Slide the replacement bulb in the Tv. Do not to touch the glass part of the bulb because the oil from your hand will bring about the bulb to turn into faulty. Motivate the bulb in till you hear it click.


Fix Your DLP: Samsung Tv Owner's Manual DLPTV Review: Replacing any Television Bulb

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