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Personalized 3-D name jewelry includes pendants, bracelets plus lapel pins. You can find these in all price ranges, from gold- or silver-tone costume jewelry to items of carat gold or sterling silver. The bits may be embellished for anything from rhinestones to precious gems. Customize your 3-D name jewelry using ribbons, beads and jewelry dangles: charms, beads and other tiny items that hang from the 3-D piece.

Difficulty: Reasonable


Things You'll Need


1-inch edged ribbon Scissors Thread

Sewing needle


Jewelry dangles

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1 Method the length of the 3-D name on the jewelry product. Cut a piece about 1-inch ribbon -- for example, picot, lace or thread -- five times the duration about the 3-D identify.

2 Fold the ribbon on half so its back side is facing out. Match the two cut edges also sew them together to form any circle. Finger press the seam open: location the ribbon on a flat perform surface also press the double parts about the seam open with your fingertips.

3 Turn the ribbon extremely hers the front side is facing outside. Press the ribbon circle together to kind any long strip of ribbon that is has two layers.

4 Reduce a piece about thread 18 inches long. Thread a sewing needle. Meet the ends about the thread and tie a knot. Sew a basting stitch through the center of two thicknesses of ribbon. Depart a 4-inch tail at the beginning of the stitching. Do not cut the thread from the needle. The tail yous employed to gather the ribbon plus to secure it to the 3-D name jewelry.

5 Gather the ribbon on the thread. Drive both finishs of the ribbon toward the center along the thread. Place the ribbon behind the 3-D title. Halt the gathering whilst the ribbon yous 1/8 inch wider than the 3-D name.

6 Center and hold the gathered ribbon behind the 3-D title. Sew the ribbon around the leap ring on both sides regarding the 3-D identify to protected it. Cut the knot from the tail regarding the thread. Thread the needle. Sew the thread to the jump ring on the opposite side of the 3-D name. A jump ring is the round circle of metal that holds the 3-D title to the jewelry item. The metal circle splits to safe the ring to the jewelry item.

Beads and Jewelry Dangles

1 Cut a piece of jewelry thread or wire 6 inches long. Secure a bead to one end of the thread or wire. String three to five beads on the string or wire.

3 Wide open the jump ring on the strand and secure it to the jump ring on the closure of the 3-D name. Squeeze the leap ring closed.

beads image by Florence from Fotolia.com

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