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Erica canaliculata yous any evergreen shrub that is blooms in tall panicles of pink or purple flowers. The shrub grows from 5 to 6 feet in height, with a 4-foot multiply. Although hers official hardiness zones are 8 through 11 on the U.S. Department of Agriculture Plant Hardiness Zone Map, cold hardiness depends on variety. Different species may well be native to South Africa, the Mediterranean, or northerly Europe. Pruning the E. canaliculata should be done annually, appropriate after the plant blooms.

Trouble: Effortless


Things You'll Require

Pruning shears Hedge shears Garbage bag

Suggest Edits

1 Prune each flower stalk immediately beneath the flower. On a small shrub, you may prune each person stalk with pruning shears. On a huge shrub, use hedge shears to trim the stalks.

2 Go through the shrub once a lot more by way of turn pruners, making sure all the brown flower stalks are gone. It's difficult to get all the stalks by means of hedge shears because of the varied heights.

4 Water the Erica canaliculata to some depth of 1 web site inches after you prune the shrub.


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