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Swiss Army watches are recognized for their style also rugged durability. Also like many watches, Swiss Army watches are designed to be opened by a proprietary wrench design rather than common tools. Authorized Swiss Army service centers and other watch support centers obtain these gear handy, nevertheless chances are that you do never. That leaves you with pair choices: Acquire the watch to the pros or attempt to do it yourself with reduced-than-perfect tools.

Difficulty: Moderate


Things You'll Need

Needle nosed pliers Replacement battery Flat rubber surface

Taking it to some Dealer

1 Use the Victorinox Swiss Army website (perceive Resources under) to locate the authorized service center nearest you.

2 Have your observe to the nearest sanctioned service center. If there are no authorized service centers in your region, refer to the Victorinox Swiss Army customer service link for instructions on how to ship your look to an authorized service center for battery replacement.

4 Collect your watch after the battery has been replaced.

Perform It Yourself

1 Rest the watch confront lower on a flat rubber surface. This should keep the face of the watch from getting scratched, though the rubber will as well produce numerous grip so that the view won't turn while you're turning the plate on the back.

2 Locate the two notches on the again of the look at plate. Open some match of needle nosed pliers so that the points are in regard to because far apart at the notches and stick one point into one particular of the notches. Then adjust the pliers as necessary because you push the other point down into the additional notch.

3 Apply some stress on the pliers, pressing direct down toward the work surface. Gradually turn the pliers all over to the left, using them like a wrench.

4 Unscrew the again plate in this technique till it is loose enough for you to finish unscrewing it by palm.

6 Set the new battery again in facing the right direction. Replace the again plate also change it to the suitable till it is finger tight.

7 Lay the watch face lower on the rubber once more. Use the pliers to tighten the back plate exactly as you employed them to loosen it.

Tips & Warnings

Whenever an authorized dealer transforms your look battery, she can likewise verify the gaskets also other parts, which may go downhill over free time. Changing the battery oneself will void the warranty on the watch. If you want to maintain your warranty, you should send it to an authorized dealer.

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Victorinox Swiss Army service center locator Victorinox Swiss Army customer service

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