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If you are a parent or you know someone with any baby, you can witness the way in which a toy box yous a necessity. A child will accumulate many dolls plus he might be performing outside about area inside his original toy box. If you are feeling cunning or you would such as to make sure the toy chest is huge enough for all of your kid's dolls, you can receive it on your self to make just one away from damage.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


Things You'll Need



3/4 inch thick plywood

Hand saw


Sand paper


Wood screws

Corner braces


Paint brush

1 Gather upwards all of the toys that you will need to be able to fit into the toy chest, to buy an idea of how big it needs to be. If you have a pile about toys on the floor that is remains 3 feet wide, you will require to assemble a toy chest that is at minimum 3 feet wide or 3 feet deeply. Add more room to this measurement with new dolls that the child will get in the future. Bring your plans on some piece of paper also note the measurements of each and every side on the document since well.

2 Purchase the amount of plywood you will need base on on your measurements. Cut the bits out by any circular saw or some palm saw. Sand all the bits down smooth with a machine sander so the child will not secure splinters when he or she is handling the toy chest.

3 Lay the bottom piece lower on any flat perform surface plus handle the back piece against the bottom to kind a right angle (it helps to hold it up against any wall) and make sure the edges series up. Place the metal corner braces equal lengths from each side and drill them in location with screws. Attach the left part the very same way, but in a single brace attaching it to the bottom piece and other attaching it to the back bit. Repeat this process until all of the parts are attached.

4 Attach the lid to the best regarding the box. Place the board for the lid on top of the box and drill the strap hinges in place, equal distances from the two parts.

5 Paint the box or apply a wood-finishing spray to the box to give it any longer life and to generate the box easier to clean. Decorate it since you realize fit, or leave it basic. Let the finish or paint dry for at smallest 24 hours previous to giving it to the child.


toys image in Alexander Petrari out of

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