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Gift basket Invoices Notebook Pen Price tag tag

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1 Exploration other gift basket stores to have a feel for current rates. If you operate some brick and mortar store, than visit the shops in your neighborhood. Acquire notes on the baskets similar to yours. Alternatively, if you market your baskets online, prowl through Internet stores with good cost assessments. Set your price comparable to your competition.

2 Figure your supply cost. Examine your gift basket, writing a list regarding all hers contents. Look up the cost of each product also compose it out to the side of the item. Verify this information with consulting your invoices. Add these figures collectively. Contain the cost of the basket, filler plus cellophane.

3 Figure your overhead cost. Include utilities, equipment and workplace costs. Divide the total overhead cost by the number regarding hours you function. Add this figure to the supply cost.

4 Count the hours it took you to create the basket. This includes designing, filling and wrapping the gift. Multiply the hours against your hourly rate. Add this to the combined supply and overhead costs.

5 Allot your basket a price equal to the combined costs of the supply, expense and hourly price tag. Compare the cost you have calculated with the competition values you collected. If the contest's price is better, besides adjust your cost upward yet keep it slightly below the competition. If your cost is higher, than consider subtracting items from your basket to offset the difference. Write the last price on any price tag also attach to the basket.

Charge extra for shipping fees if your basket need to be shipped. Count shipping fees on the final cost if applicable. Do never put perishable items within your basket. If they melt or go bad you will lose money.

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