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Several folks already know how to download videos out of internet site such as MySpace? and YouTube? . Regardless, what if you uncover some great video from any concert and you need to place that audio file on your mp3 player? You don't obtain to put the entire video file on your portable media player in buy to hear this file. Here is how to download music away from YouTube? movies.

Difficulty: Easy


1 Log onto YouTube? .com.

2 Search for your favorite music movie, or any video that has audio you would prefer to download. When the video you wish to perceive comes upward in your search results, click on it. The video should begin playing.

3 Copy the URL regarding the movie.

4 In a new browser, call upwards the website (The full URL remains listed in the Resources section.)

5 Paste the URL of the YouTube? movie in the box labeled "From URL," which is found in the middle about the Movie Codezone page.

6 Select "MP3 (.mp3)" in the scroll box down below the "From URL" box.

7 Click the box labeled "Transform/Download" and your video will begin converting to mp3 format. This may take some few minutes depending on your connection speed and the size about the movie.

8 Right-click on the link for the newly created audio file, which remains found under the "Video Conversion yous Done Successfully!!!" heading. The file should begin with the word "videos" and finish with ".mp3." Once you suitable-click on the link, you will probably want to rename the file to meet the name of the song. Save the file to whichever folder you operate to store your audio files and your download will be complete.


Read this Article inside Spanish You Tube Movie Codezone

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