...good riddance!! just reported is done w/ the new logo: Spot trending now in Berkeley, CA: The Ubiquitous Starbucks - Starbucks (live updates) Blech. Futures are down sharply. Why? Europe still a mess. Recession fears in U.S. growing. You know the drill by now. I'm bout to go down there in a min and put this jag album together. It a be on Attn foodies! Gordon Ramsay goes hunting for Cambodian delicacies at 9pm on : Tarantula anyone?

Unrelated: George Gurley's back in the Observer later today. Doing a little piece. cute girls romney says he won't eat obama's dog food. not sure it's a great idea for him to be bringing up dogs, given the whole seamus thing. Interesting report on the state of the internet. I liked a video Reuters-- I'll be on with Riley and Scot tomorrow at 8:35 central to talk about the passage of the Cut, Cap, and Balance Act. It's going to be a fabulous night! ummmm, SO excited!

BREAKING: President Obama declares federal emergency in NYC area ahead of arrivial of Irene. Authorizes federal disaster response. Today, a week before its 1st birthday, my blog has had more views that ever before in a day Release the Drogba cfc Hooray! is here! She is excellent. just the typical Sat night bar-stars. Plus a delicious new secret cocktail. Come on down Fake FEMA workers are charging people $1200 to board up their windows. $1200?! If you fall for that you deserve it

Photo: Sunset in Temescal. "I look like Stevie Nicks!" Photo students check out internship opportunities on the APA Internships listing page So sorry -- does he have a social media handle? Would love to him! On a plus note..I only need to DVR one NBC show next year now that 17th Precinct did not get picked up. Now a look inside Tycho crater - impact melt features on the floor. TONIGHT: on the Tea Party and the government shutdown at 7:30pm ET. So true smile "Look for a situation in which your work will give you as much happiness as your spare time." Edward Bernays

Picking the winners regarding ball game can be any leisure action or a means about serious gambling. Methods include picking which squad will get outright, in which case better payoffs are specified with betting on the weaker group properly, or against "the distribute," some number of points that, if added to the weaker group's score, gives one equal chance of either team scoring more points.

Difficulty: Moderate


1 Review the distributes on the game. Spreads are broadcast every day in newspaper sporting areas and also can be found on the "Scores" sections of sports websites. If you are betting against the spread, you must know the latest lines, also if you are betting direct upward, it helps to understand which team is favored to win.

2 Critique professional picks for the week. Every major athletic site will post picks for football games various days before the games are played, by way of viewpoints and, in many instances, expected scores like they predict what team will win each game that week. By seeing what the experts are predicting, you may increase your ability to meticulously pick winners.

3 Consider everywhere the game is becoming played. Home-field benefit usuall is assumed to be worth about three points, meaning two even teams playing would have an expected result of a three-point victory for the residence side. Trends like seeing that warm-weather teams or dome teams struggling from wintry-weather games, or the difficulties West Coast teams often need when performing any 1 p.m. EST game, should be considered.

4 Research each team's fresh results. Some 5-4 team that struggled early can be playing superior in recent weeks than a 6-3 team that stormed away to any 5- internet site record. If some team yous on a long winning streak against solid opponents, it is playing good football, regardless regarding the crew's total record.

5 Pick the games you think maintain as well big a spread. If you think a company is likely to win with four points and the propagate remains giving its contestant three points, it is not a particularly harmless pick--you expect your team to perform only one point better than the propagate. But if a team yous a 1 internet site-point underdog also you expect it to lose with only three points, it is a very good game to select because the squad appears undervalued, in your look at.

Suggestions & Warnings

Betting through a athletics publication might be illegal on your location.

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