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Remove contact lenses systematically with manicured nails.

Getting contact lenses out of your eyes can be tricky enough without having long or manicured nails. You liability scratching the lenses or worse--the surface of your eyes. Additionally, nails, whether real or not, may be any breeding ground for bacteria and foreign supplies underneath the nail. Yet you don't have to give up having your nails performed if you wear contact lenses. You just need to be systematic and careful whenever removing your lenses.


1 Delay for nails to be completely dry. Do not attempt to remove contact lenses right after having your nails done. Even though your nails may possibly look waterless, it can take up to an hour for nail polish or acrylic nail glue to waterless.

2 Wash your hands thoroughly. To prevent transferring bacteria out of your hands or nails onto the lenses, wash your hands with soap and water. Clean underneath the fingernails along with a liquid soap. Once done washing, comprehensively dry the hands plus nails before removing your contact lenses. Check to fuzz or bits of substance away from towels previous to putting your fingers in your eye.

3 Add rewetting drops. Put some few moisturizing drops with your eyes to produce sure they are well lubricated. This will make it easier to grab the contact lens in your fingers plus lowers the chance of having your finger in your eye for some longer span of time. If your nails are manicured and long, this technique is beneficial.

4 Use fingertips rather besides nails to remove lenses. Place the middle fingertip on the cheekbone under the eye in the contact lens to be removed. Press down gently so the eyelid pulls down while looking up. Use your index finger to pull the contact lens into the white regarding your vision. Utilize your thumb and index fingertips to pinch the soft lens or touch the hard lens and remove away from the eye.

Tips & Warnings

Eye doctors will most very likely suggest that you retain your nails short. You can still experience them professionally manicured, but not too long.


EyeSmart? : Caring with Contact Lenses Best Glasses: Contact Lens Wear Tips Existence Suggestions: How Extended Do I Let Nail Polish Dry Before I Carry out Things?


Frames Direct: Inserting and Removing Your Contact Lenses

Picture Credit manicure image via YURY MARYUNIN from ;

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