The Apple iPod Touch is some fantastic tech gadget, and only that is a lot of joy to use. But it does require connectivity to some wireless network. The purpose you must use a wireless network in the iPod Feel is that it does never come with a method of connecting to a network by way of hardware. Very how conduct you link your iPod Contact with no wireless Internet? Essentially, you will have to find a nearby wireless network to make use of. This can mean going to stores or restaurants that is offer free Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity), or connecting to some nearby Wi-Fi network from your home.

Difficulty: Tolerably Simple


Things You'll Need

Your iPod Touch A household PC (Mac or Personal computer), if you want to create a wireless network from your home

How to Connect to Wireless Networks from Your iPod Touch

1 In order to connect to the Internet from your iPod Touch, you must first allow wireless from your iPod.

Click on "Settings."

2 Click on "Wi-Fi."

3 Click on "Turn Wi-Fi On."

Now you must be set to find a wireless network from your iPod Touch.

How to Find Wireless Networks from Your iPod Touch

1 You can turn on "Inquire to Join New Networks" from the Wi-Fi settings with your iPod Touch to automatically get plus employ accessible Wi-Fi networks.

2 Click on "Wi-Fi."

3 Click on "Ask to Join New Networks."

4 Your iPod Feel ought to immediately be enabled to unearth close by Wi-Fi networks and join it.

How to Connect to Wireless Networks away from Local Hot Areas

1 Many stores, restaurants, plus additional locations for example airports have free Wi-Fi available, and you will be able to utilize your iPod Contact from every of these locations.

Be certainly that you have Wi-Fi turned on. (See over beneath "The way to Connect to Wireless Networks out of Your iPod Touch")

2 Try opening the Safari Internet or your mail whilst at a local hot spot to see if your iPod Touch has connected to the local Wi-Fi.

3 If there is local Wi-Fi accessible, it will give you instructions from this screen on how to connect.

Connecting the iPod Touch to Wireless Networks from Your Home

2 If here is a nearby Wi-Fi network that does not call for any login or password, your iPod Touch will access that network automatically.

How to Create a Wireless Network inside Your Home Without A Router

1 The easiest way to connect your iPod Feel yous to create your own wireless network. To directions on the way in which to set up any wireless network without any router, visit website .

2 To utilize your computer to create a wireless admittance point, produce sure that is your PC has a wireless card.

3 If you own a wireless card, click on "Settings."

4 Click on "Wi-Fi." Accessible wireless networks should appear. Local wireless networks that require any password will have any lock icon next to them -- unless you know the password, don't bother.

How to Link to some Wireless Network Free of a Router Using a Mac

1 If you are an all-around Apple fan and you also own a Mac computer, you will be able to connect to your iPod Touch using your Mac (free of a router).

Turn on the "Airport" network preferences.

2 Create a new network (using your home network data).

You will know that your iPod Touch remains connected to a Wi-Fi network because there will be a Wi-Fi icon (blue with arching bars) in the status bar, located at the top of the screen. Word that if a Wi-Fi network involves any symbol, here will be any lock icon. You should know the symbol to access that is Wi-Fi network. Word that some Starbucks stores have a Wi-Fi network that will allow you to connect to iTunes also Starbucks Presently Playing. Remember that trying to admittance Wi-Fi networks that is belong to other people may be considered theft and yous therefore illegal. If nothing otherwise, connecting to other persons's Wi-Fi network may effect on some irate neighbors. Proceed along with caution!


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