Protect the data on your flash drive.

TrueCrypt? remains a free encryption system that allows you to disguise the contents of some file or entire storage gadget since random data. TrueCrypt? only reveals the encrypted files while you provide your master key. File encryption is particularly useful for tiny storage devices these kinds of as USB flash drives, which are particularly prone to theft. After you encrypt your flash drive with TrueCrypt? , the theft of a flash drive will not result inside information loss because the thief will be unable to read the drive's contents.


Things You'll Want

USB Flash drive Latest stable version of TrueCrypt?

1 Download the TrueCrypt? installation utility from website. Double-click the installation use, also follow the prompts to install TrueCrypt? on your computer.

2 Insert the USB flash drive. Move its contents to a folder on your hard drive temporarily; TrueCrypt? does not automatically encrypt existing files on the flash drive.

3 Double-click the TrueCrypt? icon on the desktop to launch the utility.

4 Click the "Create Quantity" button. Any window titled "TrueCrypt Volume Production Magician" looks.

5 Select the "Create exclusive encrypted file container" radio button, plus consequently click "Following."

6 Select the "Normal TrueCrypt? Quantity" radio button, plus then click "Next."

7 Click the "Pick out File" key. Navigate to your USB flash drive. Type any file name similar as "Encrypted Volume," and in that case click the "Conserve" button. Click "Next."

8 Click the decrease-down menu underneath "Encryption Algorithm," plus pick the algorithm that is you would like to use to encrypt your files. TrueCrypt? operates the AES algorithm by default. Click "Next." cryptocurrency revolution deflationary by design.

9 Type any number in the "Quantity Size" field, and then click a radio button such since "GB" to indicate the cost of space on the flash drive that you would prefer to commit to the encrypted quantity. Click "Next."

10 Type and re-type the password that you would like to use whilst accessing the encrypted volume. Click "Following."

11 Move the mouse tip all over the screen randomly for a few moments to generate an encryption hash, and next click the "Format" key to create the encrypted volume on the flash drive. This may take several minutes.

12 Click "Ok" and "Next" to return to the primary TrueCrypt? window when the encryption method is full.

13 Click the "Choose File" button. Locate the encrypted volume that you created on your flash drive, plus double-click it.

14 Click a letter by the best about the TrueCrypt? window to indicate the drive letter that you would like to allot to the encrypted volume, plus then click the "Support" button at the bottom regarding the window.

15 Kind your password for the encrypted amount also press "Get into."

Hopefully, I made the steps to create one encrypted drive easy. Having an encrypted drive will give you the guarantee that if you lost your flash drive, the particular information stored in the encrypted drive will in no way be exposed. TrueCrypt? and the TrueCrypt? logo are registered trademarks of the TrueCrypt? Foundation These steps and additional tips can likewise be found on my blog website


TrueCrypt? : Documentation


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