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Combine HCG with Weight Loss

Difficulty: Moderately Effortless

Things You'll Want. HCGDietHCGDrops.

HCG with powder form Sterile syringes Sterile water Alcohol pads Sterile glass vial

1 Define your dosage about HCG. Most people use between 175 i.u. (international units) also 200 i.u. injections of 5,000 i.u. ampoule regarding HCG. These are the standard measurements of HCG.

2 Clean the area along with bleach everywhere you plan to mix the HCG, and allow to air dry. Wash your hands plus waterless them by means of some documents towel. The region must be very clean up and sterile before you begin.

3 Open the HCG powder ampoule also clean the top by way of exclusive alcohol pad. Then, open the sterile water bottle and wipe the top in an alcohol pad. Sterile drinking water can be purchased by any pharmacy.

4 Using a sterile needle, withdraw 25 cc regarding sterile water from the container. Discard the applied needle plus replace it with a new only. (1mL = 1 cc)

5 Inject 1 cc regarding water into the ampoule about HCG. Gently swirl the vial to combine the HCG, which ought to dissolve right away.

6 Inject the remaining 24 cc regarding sterile water into the sterile glass vial.

7 Withdraw 1 cc of HCG from its vial also inject in the sterile glass vial containing the 24 cc of water. You should now have 25 doses of 1 mL doses all set for injection.

Suggestions & Warnings

You can additionally sterilize the mixing location in alcohol. The HCG should be refrigerated before use. Do not reuse the needles. Dispose of the needles in a Sharps container or any plastic milk container.


Official HCG Site

Still Credit website ;

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