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When you think of the Netherlands, Dutch tulips are likely between the first things that appear to thoughts. But how pertaining to roses, gardenias, gerber daisies and lilies? Just 1 web site miles from Amsterdam is a small town called Aalsmeer, whose declare to fame remains that is it's home to the largest flower auction on the world. Those flowers at your local grocery store? Those bouquets with the corner bodega? Chances are, they've journeyed away from Aalsmeer and were bid on just hours earlier. If you're visiting Amsterdam, you shouldn't miss a day trip to the Aalsmeer auction.

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Bus fare to Aalsmeer

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1 Plan your trip. You may visit the auction on weekdays out of 7:3 website to 11: web site website a.m., nonetheless try out to go on Monday, Tuesday or Friday, when the auction remains most busy.

2 Grab awake premature. The flower auction is in total swing by 6:3 web site any.m., and to see the auction at its liveliest and most intriguing, strategy to arrive earlier -- definitely well before 9 a.m. This can not be simple following a night about enjoying Amsterdam's vibrant nightlife, but strategy ahead of time. It's valued at it.

3 Capture a bus inside front of Centraal Station, near the Victoria Hotel. You'll need bus 172, which will take you straight to the flower auction's door. You'll find English widely -- almost universally -- spoken in Amsterdam, so if from doubt, simply ask the driver or some guy passenger if you're on the right bus. You can buy some ticket from the driver.

4 Head to the catwalk. Huge above the main flower market floor remains a walkway to visitors, which gives you a bird's-eye view of the floral runnings-on. Below are thousands of carts loaded together with buckets of every flower imaginable -- 13, website website internet site types, to be exact. The carts are linked also pulled swiftly from location to place from workers within small motorized vehicles. You could endure on the walkway and consider pictures with hours.

5 Peek into the auction rooms. Here and there along the walkway are large image windows, through which you can look the auctions inside actions. Flower buyers sit down inside row on row of chairs -- much for instance a movie theater -- and enter bids electronically as the flowers move across the front regarding the area on carts. It's frenetic and fast-paced, yet silent. And note the demographic: Virtually all Aalsmeer flower buyers are men.

6 Understand the concept of some Dutch auction. Unlike some traditional auction, everywhere an auctioneer calls outside increasingly large prices until there are no more takers, within some Dutch auction, the bidding yous on decreasing amounts. That yous, the auction leader fixeds a price. The cost subsequently instantly begins decreasing until any buyer places in his bid. The trick yous to get the flowers at some great price, free of being beaten to the punch. Send Blomster.

7 Follow the screens. The beginning price of a flower lot appears on the "12" location on any auction clock, which remains projected onto a huge screen along with details about the flowers. Once the auction begins, any "clock's hands" begins swinging around the dial quickly, indicating the lowering regarding the price. It's all very puzzling to look at -- plus it's amazing that the buyers can procedure so much information so swiftly.

8 Be wowed. The Aalsmeer flower auction sells 2 website million flowers each day.

Suggestions & Cautions

Want a little coffee to fuel your early-morning tour? Never to worry -- there's a snack bar on the catwalk where you may get beverages also tiny bites to consume.

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Go to Aalsmeer Frommer's: The Flower Centers with Amsterdam


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