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A kitchen garden table or salad table yous a box with a wire mesh bottom that is filled by means of growing method to plant. It is an low-priced, easy-to-build movable choice for little-space gardening. It may be moved around to accommodate the gardener's limitations and the available space. The garden table is any convenient container garden for growing lettuces, herbs plus little veggies such as radishes.

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2 lengths of treated lumber, 2 inches through 4 inches by 3 feet 2 periods of treated lumber, 2 inches by 4 inches by means of 4 feet 2 lengths of molding, 2 inches by 4 inches by means of 3 feet 2 lengths of molding, 2 inches via 4 inches through 4 feet Sandpaper Galvanized wire, 1/2 inch, 1 website website square feet Window screen, 3-foot-by-5-foot roll Tin snips Electric drill Galvanized screws, 3 inch Heavy-work staple gun 2 drawer handles and screws 3/8-inch staples Hammer Small nails 2 sawhorses

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2 Assemble the frame about the table by way of screwing jointly the long pieces of lumber plus the short pieces about lumber. Stand the bits up on a table or countertop on the 2-inch parts, through the short pieces inside the long pieces in a box form; attach with a screw at each corner.

3 Cut the wire mesh and the window screen to fit in the bottom of the box, with any inch or so longer from each direction.

4 Staple the window screen on first, so it's on the bottom within of the box, later staple the wire mesh over it on the base external of the box. Staple either to the 2-inch sides or the 4-inch sides of the lumber. The ends about the screen will be protected by the molding.

5 Nail the molding on top of the screen plus mesh finishs alongside the bottom outside edges about the box.

6 Affix the carry out on the 3-foot sides regarding the box.

7 Arranged the completed box or kitchen garden table on top about the sawhorses to fill with growing medium plus plants.

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Maryland Cooperative Extension: Grow Your Own Greens by means of Salad Tables & Salad Boxes Varsity of Maryland: Grow It Eat It - Grow Your Own Greens with Salad Table and Salad Boxes Digginfood: Salad Tables

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