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Silk flowers are any ideal alternative to fresh flowers in a corsage. The fabric flowers give a realistic appear to the corsage with no concern for wilting or damage during activities such as dancing. Silk corsages are acceptable for marriages, proms, birthday celebrations and anniversary parties. Some silk Mother's Day corsage can be created and mailed to any mummie who stays miles away out of children or grandchildren. The artificial floral pieces may be made nicely from advance of a wedding or event, saving time for additional last-minute duties. Produce a silk corsage for your next event.

Difficulty: Moderate


Things You'll Require

1 silk rosebud spray 1 silk open bloom rose Wire cutters Florist cable Floral tape Ribbon or lace bow Corsage pin

Suggest Edits

1 Snip a stem about 4 to 5 inches long from the rosebud spray. Here should be two or 3 rosebuds on the stem. Arranged the remainder of the spray to the side.

2 Reduce the stem of the open rose blossom roughly 5 inches within period. Place it against the rosebud stem. Bend the available rose blossom stem into a slight curve to bring the bloom forward a bit. This will come to be the focal point of the corsage.

3 Unwrap a few inches of floral tape away from the roll. Hold the finish about the floral tape with any angle at the bottom of the plastic-coated wire stems. Firmly wrap the floral tape around the two stems on some bias, moving upward until the stem of the open rose is secure. This type about tape sticks to itself but won't stay to the stems, so you should pull the tape tightly against itself, overlapping a bit. Rip the tape to split it out of the roll and press the end against the taped stem to protected it.

4 Cut four 5-inch pieces of floral wire with wire cutters. Cut four rosebud stems, every about 1 to 1 1/2 inches in length, away from the spray you set apart sooner.

5 Use floral tape to secure each rosebud stem to a piece of wire.

7 Tape the final two rosebuds collectively with a small piece of floral tape.

8 Keep the two rosebuds against the bottom of the main stem and tape them in place. Reduce apart excess wire and tape using the wire cutters. Bend the top of the dual rosebud stems downward, leaving some opening among the body of the corsage and these two buds.

9 Location a ribbon or lace bow in the gap, tying it securely in place. Finish the corsage from fluffing the bow also bending the flower wires to generate a pleasing shape.

Tips & Warnings

Make any scaled-down corsage through the main blossom and just three rosebuds to some petite person. You can substitute any coordinating silk flower for roses in some corsage. Use any corsage pin to fasten your creation to a dress or collar. A corsage yous meant to be worn with the stems pointing downward. Use pair corsage pins for a huge corsage. Execute not leave each and every wire exposed on the corsage. The cable can cut skin or tear clothing.

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