Photoshop Quick Tip: Using Content-Aware Scale via Adobe confirms mobile Flash dead, will focus on HTML5 by (via fdasm - sorry, but Wikipedia is AWESOME - youknowyoughetto when ur family photo is taken in the bathroom mirror and everyone is throwing gangsigns..... Smfh You are totally Comment Queen. I'm gonna make you a button. Quit Smoking CIgarettes in 2010 ... Become a fan of: Love this video showing random acts of kindness: SpreadTheWarmth? Thank you !!!! maternalhealth Both unexpected success and unexpected failure drive learning. New study looks at how both manifest in PFC <3 "highly pressurized carbon is as hard as diamonds." wisewords It's the weekend people! Let's make it a great one! I'm at the mighty !!!! ccda Headed home after picking up wonderful people from O'Hare and Midway all day. It was great to meet ya'll! Enjoy the conference!

Pretty sure Google just corrected my grammar in a search. Thanks, I guess. , thanks to you, Jeff, for helping us spread the word! Volunteers and scientists make it possible: we just bring 'em together. Do you want to go Paris so bad that you can see it? NO! I just want to receive the 716.50 euro damanges reimburesment! April 25 / Monday, 2pm / ENJOY WALK / / KNIGHTSBRIDGE-BASED NATIONAL BANK OF ABU DHABI (NBAD) Newt Gingrich On the Record: Check out our interview with the 2012 GOP presidential hopeful and former House S... tnxs nay,,, Gem-Studded Puffballs (Lycoperdon perlatum) are common in our forest areas, b... Mushroom wildobs NWF For those wondering which movie I chose, all I can say is Waka Waka Waka I.need everyones help.console ps3 or another x box POLL: Who would you rather have going into today Matt Leinart or Caleb Hanie?

A teacher who is attempting to teach without inspiring the pupil with a desire to learn is hammering on a cold iron "To serve man." cookbook Thank you to the alumni in Stockholm, Johannesburg, and Athens for joining in HBS Global Networking Night! HBSgnn Remember to buckle up. It makes it harder for the aliens to snatch you from your car. By loving others you feel blessed. Giving is living. Photo: Love this of Ashleigh in the Santas Grotto at my party its so Christmassy. Ashleigh took loads of... Boise was fortunate to have speak IRL Tuesday. Glad we have have his TED talk to continue inspiring us: Jason is in YMCA This Torrealba umpire punching incident ensures he won't enter HOF 1st ballot. The BurnNotice? season finale offers up a surprise but little resolution.

her and those cats and her anon sugar daddy rode off into the sunset I have this terrible feeling that I'm too old for pinterest... Will hashtags catch on Facebook? via Daily Briefing. "Blue Velvet" 25 I think so? Just checking in at encore... Then over to bar. Go steelers! Dios no nos dió alas solo por el placer de vernos volar con tan solo besos. ! What I don't have is a hankering for prolonged toilet sitting, so I better ignore the stack of magazines. oversharingonthekingsbirthday three hours. I am at JFK too ... It's going to be a while More than just digital quilting: Maker Faire New York, maker movement & the new way of teaching science: When Cancers are in love their feelings are stronger than any other sign.

WTB good ranged DPS / heal / DK apps DPS/experience/gear MUST be comparable: Dislike people who dont do what they say You can build floating registration forms like this for all your sites. Customize video and content. lol missing in action If U hear a negative comment, use it as fuel & keep going. If U know you've got what it takes, then go get it! I jam to <3 <3 ILikeItWhen? people trip This Clippers team will challenge the 2002 NETS as the greatest NBA team I have ever rooted for. Step by step, little by little! Patience, loving & understanding! Will take us far <3 I will never order anything from nordstrom again took 5 days to tell me my order was cancelled cause of backorder and no wi am gift less

Hey guys! I'm putting together a photo tribute video for the troops in honor of Memorial Day and I need your help! I would love to include.. Maz - Artz Gallery: The Silver Cord (76cm x 100cm Thanks! Glad you had a great visit! u knw (D-Mac) a beast I try to be seen, and not heard s( )z What does a 3D gaming pessimist think of the ASUS VG278H? 3D gaming monitor? Find out: Check this video out -- BETTER WAY.wmv via Fuimos a La Moneda y perdimos el invicto. Hecho innegable Yo you killing it ... Smh shout out to hip-hop Y'ALL ARE BUNCH OF MEANIES! Project Management Apps For Freelancers Some are cheating a system meant to help disabled vets who own small businesses. (via ) MuckReads? UN report details humanrights problems in period leading up to today's elections in Democratic Republic of Congo DRC

for every person that hurts you, there's like ten that flock to your rescue. it's a cute phenomenon. DIY 3D Camera Rig How to Make a 3D Camera - Popular Mechanics would love to put you on my super comumessageer list tomorrow! What is your cell and what time are you commuting? :Australian Photographers Protest Government Fees For Taking Pix They should've taken Tintin's plot and made Indy 4 out of it. Pepco ranks as "most hated" company in nation is it new? impressive, not sure about the team though ;S My kit kat doesn't sound like the ones on the commercial ): Tai and I are broadcasting our live Child's Play fundraiser now! Please RT!

Awe inspiring images: Chile Volcano Eruption - Spewing an apocalyptic, lightning-strewn plume this weekend Japan's PM just vowed to meet 2020 carbon target using greater efficiency & renewables instead of nuclear fukushima super! last night nakausap ko friend ko 3 malls na pinuntahan nila just to watch nootherwoman sold out lahat ng ticket! coool! Interesting read, to decide, the brain hedges its bets Goes to show you,allways proof your updates...especially any links..I try clicking on them after the post to see if it worked. Some terrific stuff from in his stats breakdown of Celtics-Heat

If I wasnt having dental surgery tomorrow I would be taking my annual last paycheck before christmas cheque to vist iwantcoco haha, I help sick people in hospitals, it's what I do. Xo Thanks. Like Diablo Cody a lot. has just started the race! good luck ingnation INGNYCM WILDOUTWEDNESDAY ...the HOTTEST wednesday downtown orlando. VAIN W.O.W hit us up to be on out guestlist! Ladies DRINK FREE til 12. Get Started With Photoshop 15 Basic Detailed Guides - [via ] Highly recommend you follow ' Crime Correspondent for live messageing of the Stephen Lawrence murder trial Coldplay Will Perform Live On Letterman For entrepreneurs who could use marketing training, templates and documents to help them streamline their marketing efforts.... Hallelujah! writing about Dorothy L. Sayers' Strong Poison! Go and read! delta was doing pretty well on last several flights. Now on 2+ hr delay on 35 min flight DTW 2 GRR. As delta impacts family weekend.

, gran programa el de hoy!! Some dude is talking on his cell and i swear he used the terms "double-down" and "Festivus for the rest of us" in the same sentence. what on earth are troubledfamilies ? are we talking financial or behavioral or what? .... Real Tech is out! Top stories today via So.. i went over to 's house and Squiggle~ Squiggle~ Squiggle~ and now we have the story for our Con Exclusive mini Comic book smile SerÃ? ¡ que The Rapture + Breakbot será a 1a campanha do Queremos a não fechar? Seria uma tristeza... Faltam 11h e 44% Happy bookbday to CULO BY MAZZUCCO! - Termites in the bush! Herpetologist Paul Doughty and me on the lookout for a "top-ten-most-venomous" south of ... Trust me. This is the best carrot cake recipe you can get. It's french. En route to veggie Xmas at sis's in NJ. New Mastodon will be in stocking for youngest nephew. It's time. A column I wrote after meeting a Tamil family that survived the 2009 culmination of Sri Lanka's civil war: Sumtimes we question poop dat there is no answer to but I jus built a house on iont give ah fck avenue

Felt good to be on the court again! Cavs future looks bright! Whose gonna be at the Q on Sunday? Please take a moment to support Insomniac Events and in the IDMAs: North Korea says its leader Kim Jong-il has died- Mood swings, weight gain, loss of interest in sex may B due to UR hormones. Get UR mojo back here I'm loving "The Complete Organic Pregnancy." Valuable read! Buying one of my books as a holiday gift? also make sure hung w deep, wavy vertical folds (not flat across) which will further diffuse the soundwaves and muffle CIAAlum Oliver Kita '89 profiled by Kissing Women And Using Humor By David DeAngelo? PUA

I really think this was made for me. I hope it comes with a warning label "Dangerous Curves Ahead IMPD officer shot on the Westside. He is in a good condition. okay. because I'm unemployed HEY BRO LOOKS LIKE YOU HAVEN'T STOPPED messageING SINCE YOU GOT social media! Its me, Kat. SlingPlayer? Mobile for iPhone Only for Slingbox PRO-HD and SOLO Users? - It's done I say done! Bless u Mimi for knowing how to sew! almostthedeathofme Lastnight on set of video lead models me and !! pow Saints' chances 4 the Skins' 3rd draft pick (4 OTJ. Brown) is looking GREAT. (Deal: Skins can't make playoffs & McNabb? can't make Pro Bowl) After much debate, I have decided to give my support to team FINAO! // woohoo!!! Thanks Matt!

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