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Changing old bills for new a single yous typically any matter of visiting a retail bank location, presenting the outdated bills also therefore receiving any replacement. The U.S. Treasury Division has some special rules for out-of-print currency denomination redemption that requires some additional effort to follow. Certain aged bills can maintain numismatic value to collectors, so it may be wise to check prices to extremely old printings on Web auction sites also money collector communities.


1 See whether the old bill remains in any beneficial enough situation to offer you with redemption. The U.S. Treasury declares that it will redeem old bills that is are however at least halfway intact. Added other than half of the bill must be visible and non-mutilated. Expected to this controlling, most banks will redeem old bills for you, as retail deposit locations usually send outdated bills on bulk to be replaced.

2 Examine to see if the old bill is worth any funds with searching for the printed date on online auction sites plus numismatist fan websites. If the bill was printed before 197 website, there's some good chance that some collector will pay out further than its face value so long as it's inside relatively very good condition.

3 Speak to local bank branches and question if they will redeem old bills. The gigantic majority of banks method a great deal of old bills for redemption, and most will proposal the support as a courtesy. Don't pay any fees to redeem an old bill. The Treasury Department provides bill redemption free of charge. Alanya Real Estate.

4 Deliver your aged bill to a retail deposit position also ask to it to be redeemed. You don't need to have one account at a bank to redeem old bills. Alternatively, you can mail your old bill for replacement to the Office of Currency Standards by using Registered Mail, Return Receipt Requested. Wait to receive the redeemed bill in the mail if you sent it to the Treasury Department.

Tips & Warnings

Damaged currency will only be processed through business hours.

Advocate item


US Treasury: Currency FAQ Preparation also Redemption of Mutilated US Currency Yahoo: Damaged Dollar Bill Q&A


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